Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Guadalupe Urbina @ Finca Mia ... DE against Ants & Parasites ... Raw Honey ... Radical Forgiveness ... and much much more!

Amazonian Plumed Flycatcher

Dearest Chayotevine Members & Welcome New Friends!

This Thursday, May 14th is a local holiday ... for the Patron Saint, San Isidro and I believe some local businesses will be closed and the feria in PZ is open as usual!
Hours at the PZ feria this week in Colibri's Corner first booth in front of the Supermercado
7am - 5pm Thursday
8am - 2pm Friday

From our Amanda Froelich: I have a project called "Nourishing Roots", and it's a travel, research, and humanitarian relief project to not only benefit orphanages while I travel throughout India, Africa, and Indonesia, but to found a NGO that will teach sustainable living, holistic healing, and spiritual connectedness.
The IndieGoGo campaign can be found here:, and the website explaining the entire project is here:


Early Orders before the feria are greatly appreciated ... will have your shopping ready when you arrive.

Empanadas.  Delicious, Healthy, Natural, Fresh, Frozen and Grease Free. Just heat and serve. Choose from beans and greens, pizza (regular and vegan), beef and cabbage, lentil and chicken.  Special orders welcomed.  Brought to you by Good Food to Go. Call 8696-4056.

Magical Organic Maca Root ... click here to see the  amazing benefits ... have just gotten a wonderful supply of Peruvian Root .. great reviews!

Wonderful essential oils (including organic oregano and tea tree oils) just arrived!

The Pueblo Pad ~~ Give your back and buns comfort at the beach or on the floor or bench while supporting the livelihood of mountain pueblo women of San Agustin, CR who make this convertible pad/chair. Made of Cordura and impermeable fabric (of various prints) with removable foam and bamboo back supports, and durable adjustable straps. Promotion $25 each. To order for feria delivery contact or 8529-0301

Homemade bread by Thammara
Delicious and healthy homemade herbal bread, with ingredients like rosemary that is a great antioxidant, thyme that relaxes respiratory muscles and oregano that helps smooth stomach muscles.
Plus Gluten Free Apple/Cinnamon Muffins

Delicious Gluten Free Corn Bread

Also Jennie's fantastic German Sourdough Bread

         Sebastian and Casey in Herradura are making FANCY HOMEMADE ITALIAN SAUSAGE. It's really good, no joke. It´s extremely difficult to find sausage like this here. Made with good cuts of pork meat, and (very tasty) regular ol´ spices. No preservatives or anything else unnatural.
·         c3000/ 1/2 kilo, c6000/ whole kilo. Approximately 12 sausages/kilo. 

Also honey roasted ham & bacon. and soon Pastrami!
By order only for pickup Thursday or Friday at  Colibri's Corner.
·         Email orders to or call us at 2742-5354.

More of you have been sending me orders ahead of the feria ... this is a fantastic help! I appreciate having them before NOON on Wednesdays (if possible) for Thursdays and before 10pm on Thursdays for pickup on Friday. Now shipping orders to Dominical, Uvita, Golfito, San Vito, Quepos, Ojochal and beyond ... system working great! So if you can't make it to the feria in PZ on Thursday or Friday and want some goodies shipped ... let me know!

The Raw Food Traveler books have arrived!

An epic tale of a decade in one man's life on his quest to find true health and happiness. This book is the exciting journey of a raw foodist and his travels and adventures around the world. Taking you through tropical Southeast Asia and countries like India, Australia and Hawaii, along with the personal experiences of cleansing and purification, and the discovery of a bountiful of exotic fruits, this book promises to keep you entertained.
The book is available at Colibri's Corner at the Feria - Only 12000 colones! 
While quantities last!
If you are out of the country or can't get to the Feria you can purchase the book online at:, or contact me

2014 Escuela Para Todos Now Available as well as lots of former editions ... great collectors items.

Come by Colibri's Corner (first stand in front of Supermercado at back of feria) for a free map from ARCR of our Southern Zone, South Pacific.

Perez Zeledon Feria

Now offering organic local Blackstrap Molasses

GLUTEN FREE: Apple Pie / Cornbread / Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Rainbows and Butterflies 100% pure castille soap has returned as Bienestar (Wellbeing)
Bienestar make things good for you and good for Costa Rica... Pura Vida

Fresh organic salads ~  from our table to your table for your loving family.
Ingredients available basil, lettuces, fruits, alfalfa, red onions, red cabbage, green and red peppers, cilantro, tomatoes, celery, and many more available to you ready so you can enjoy time freedom.

Also back by popular demand, Blackberry Vinagarette Dressing

New Turmeric Honey Salud Dressing

This week at  Colibri Corner you can fine different combinations of lettuce, olives, red onion, carrots, tomatoes, tangerine, cheese, cabbage and carrots with onions. Every salad made we the most high standards’ of hygiene, because we thing about your health.

100% Crunchy & Delicious & Nutritious Organic Costa Rican Spirulina!
(limited supply ... available @ Colibri's Corner)

100% Organic & NonGMO Corn Chips ... now available at Colibri's Corner!

Organic Tobacco ... no chemicals

Check Maria's Booth for wonderful organic mung bean sprouts, Greek Yoghurt and home brewed apple cider & banana vinegars!

organic raw goat yogurt
Proyecto el Caracol is producing it, in our farm in Chimirol and in alliance with local campesinos, spreading the possibilities to local ticos to produce organic foods.
Find it in every thursday market. or stop by in our farm any time.
esteban and jeni.
our stand in the corner. first entrance from the parking lot. next to cyrils soaps qnd sergio and palomas leather products.

Summer is here and its time to get out and enjoy the sunshine! Its also time to make sure that you are healthy and filled with the energy you desire to enjoy the summer blessings.
Awakening Soul offers you many wonderful products to boost immunity, supercharge your health, and gain more energy naturally.

-Reishi Mushroom Extract - a must have immune booster and disease preventative! High in antioxidants and other immune enhancers, reishi is an excellent remedy for just about every health issue imaginable! Reishi assists in oxygenating the body, thus increasing vitality and energy, while decreasing stress and fatigue.

-Detox Formula - This blend of herbs and medicinal mushrooms assists in providing a quick and powerful cleanse to your body. Detox Formula assists is ridding your body of immune and energy depleting parrasites, fungi, candida, toxins, and more.

-Food Grade Diatamaceous Earth - an excellent source of minerals, as well as a powerful method for cleaning your system of parasites and other unwanted toxins that may be interfering with optimal health!

-Female Toner - to assist in balancing your hormones and nourishing your blood. When the hormones are out of balance, one may feel a lack of energy and enthusiasm, or possibly malignant moods. This herbal formula is designed to bring balance and joyful vitality to the woman.

- Gourmet Guilt-Free Cookies - Vegan, Raw, and Gluten-Free. Absolutely delicious and power packed with nutrition! A tasty treat that wont pack on pounds.

-Gourmet Living Food Seed and Veggie Crackers - Vegan, Raw, and So Scrumptious! A delicious addition to guacamole, hummus, nut butters, or other tasty treats.

Look for Awakening Soul natural health promoting products each week at the San Isidro Feria at Colibris Corner. More health enhanciong products coming soon! For health consultations, personalized formulas, or to schedule a healing retreat contact us at
Click here for more wonderful products from Awakening Soul.

Recently In:
  • Amazing Crunchy Costa Rican grown Organic Spirulina
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  • Fresh delicious Italian sausages ... all natural, no preservative/no chemicals.
  • Organic Salads Ready to Enjoy
  • All organic Corn Chips 
  • Organic Oyster Mushrooms
  • Organic Mung Beans ... for delicious, nutritious, crunchy sprouts or for planting
  • Small pickled eggs in Natural corn vinegar with garlic, dill and mustard seed.  The eggs are from free range hens fed with natural ground corn. 
  • Organic Local Chia Seeds (been getting great reports from friends planting them) ... click here to read about this amazing Super Food
  • Organic Vanilla Beans
  • Tea Tree Oil (read about the many benefits & uses here)

Organic Products at Colibri's Corner include:
  •  GINGER ... whole and powdered
  • Green clay / Arcilla Verde
  • Cumin ... whole & ground
  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Corn chips
  • Spirulina
  • Powdered Powerful Moringa
  • ·         Chia Seeds
  • Mung Seeds
  • ·         White & Integral Local Rice
  • ·         Holy Basil!
  • ·    Cacao Butter ... awesome quality
  • ·         Raw, Medicinal Honey
  • ·         Black pepper from Orchard del Sol
  • ·         Banana Vinegar .. super potent & good quality!
  • ·         FRESH RAW TURMERIC ... AMAZING HEALING PROPERTIES      (Turmeric: The Return of The Golden Goddess)
  • ·         Madre Tierra Organic Shade Grown Coffee ... beans and ground .. very smooth and strong and rico!
  • ·         Raw delicious Coconut Oil
  • ·         Flor de Jamaica
  • ·         Reishi Extract Tonic
  • ·         Kale Chips with Nutritional Yeast & Sunflower Seeds
  • ·         Cinnamon Powder &  Whole
  • ·         Ground dark turmeric ... huge health benefits
  • ·         Fermented Cacao Beans from local farms
  • ·         Pau dÀrco Formula Tonic Tea (with turmeric & ginger) from Finca Alba Nueva

Vilma the Rabbit Lady is offering her whole ducks & whole rabbits (also rabbit thighs) and duck eggs at our booth ... only by pre-order. Just send a note ahead of time to

We are very excited to have delicious, probiotic Ginger Kombucha to offer again from our booth this week ... made with natural sugar! Some have called this one of the healthiest drinks available! Come by for a sample! We have been getting great reviews on delicious beverage and converting many who thought they didn’t like Kombucha!

The Sol Circle Team are making authentic and delicious Falafels and amazing tahini and sauces. Please visit them, now up from our stand & next to Jade Luna Ice Cream. (Now on Fridays and late Thursday available @ Colibri's Corner)

Our Raw Honey is beyond yum and nutritious and healing from the Coto Brus area near Parque Amistad.

By popular demand ... we now have Bio-Soap and Bio-Klin as well as Pro-Textile !
We are offering a new product: ... Bio-Pet ... 100% natural, non toxic ... eliminates bad pet odor 

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS ... I am going through my cases and boxes of books and will be bringing in new ones! Here's some I just discovered that may be interesting ... let me know and I can hold anything for you. Also many French and Spanish ... let me know what you might be looking for. Click here for short list.

Thanks to all who have and please continue bring by any empty wine or liquor bottles, or glass jars of any type for recycling to my booth. Also egg cartons with tops are very useful! Very appreciated.

Amazing herbed goat cheese (dill /garlic or basil/red onion or hot &  sweet chili) 

Farm fresh happy chickens, wonderful healing Nature`s Veil (great against dengue mosquitoes) and our amazing dried Kale Chips! Also goats milk, fine herbed goat's cheese, and dried mangos and hummus.

Himalyan Pink Salt & Italian Sea Salt
Blackberry Cobbler ... super rico

We are so lucky to be able to offer two super delicious & nutritious special breads:

Jennie's German Sourdough Bread (best to order ahead)! 

An all natural body and face lotion, a living product. Nature’s Veil is an intensive moisturizer and skin balancing lotion which provides a veil of protection from the harmful effects of the environment and sun and insects as well.

Nature’s Veil travels deep in to your skin to help reestablish a synergistic balance and skin elasticity. It is quickly absorbed leaving no sticky or oily residue on your skin.

The blend of natural ingredients detoxify the skin and have been shown to aid in:

• Protection from the harmful effects of the sun
• Repelling insects
• Healing dry elbows
• Healing bruising
• Healing cuts or abrasions
• Reducing pain from arthritis or infection

• Reducing pain and itching from insect stings and bite

To Use: Formulated for every day use, Nature’s Veil works best when applied just after bathing and over night. Only a thin veil is necessary. Reapply as needed for soft, supple skin. Consistency will change with temperature, this does not change its effectiveness. Shake well if separation occurs.

Ingredients: cocoa butter. coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, aloe, essential oils, and herbs.


The Sauerkraut/ "kimchis" are made with mostly organic vegetables that are fermented in European stoneware crocks. The result is a tantalizing blend of RAW CULTURED VEGETABLES, full of beneficial probiotics and vitamins!

Probiotics maintain healthy flora in your belly, which is essential for a

healthy body. Stop in at Colibri's Corner and check out the current recipes and samples. Feel free to e-mail ahead of time to reserve a jar of your favorite flavor! 

(click link)

Newsworthy Items and More! 
now has it's own page ... please click here.